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Date:    Mon 27 Oct 2003   20:15:41  From:  muntazir ratansi (
Subject : life of prophet saww
To:        queries
 salaam alykum

dear moulana pls explain to me about the life of my holy prophet muhammad saww
[a] qhow and what was he worshiping before islam? 
b]was he following injil? and what about his ancestors too?
 thank you
  Date:     Fri 5 Dec  2003    00:33:06 


  Subject: Re: life of prophet saww

  To:        muntazir ratansi (
Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

 Salaamunalaikum Mr.Muntazir,

 " All praise unto Khuda-e-Azali & Sahab-e-Azali".

1. Hadees:- "Kunto Nabiyan bainal Adam maaye watin".

                  I was Nabi (Prophet ) at that time also when Adam was in the state of water & soil. (Aab o Gil Ke darmiyan).

 Ayat:-          Kuko Mouladun ulado ala fitratil Islam
Translation : (Har Paida honey wala baccha fitrate Islam par paida hota hai.)
                  Every newborn is born on Islamic nature.
It is there in Tafseer of this Ayat that "Fitrate Islam" (Islamic Nature) refers to " La ilaha illal laah, Mohamadden Rasool(SW) Allah, Aliyan (AS) Waliullah, Wa wasiyey Rasool(SW) allah Wa Khalifatahul bila fasl"

 When children born in our homes are born with Islamic nature , how will those be from Allah's House?????

 2. In Hadees it is there that God created Panjetan-e-Paak (AS) 14000 years before Adam, the first Khalifa (Human)- was Tourait or Injeel present before Adam??

 Hadees:- " Ya Ali(AS) anta  ma' al Anmbiya-e- sirran Wa ma' ya sirran wa jehra"

Hadees:- " An Nabiyo Nabiyun fi batney ummey hi, An Waliyo Waliyun fi batney ummey hi"

 All the above Ahadees given in this mail contains answers to all your questions. 


 Saele Babul Yaqeen

Syed Waheed Uddin Hyder Jaffery Akhbari

  Date:    Wed 1st Oct 2003    09:23:35
  Subject :Shirk Kai Iqsaam

Yaa Ali Madad

I am a query which I would like an akhbari scholar to answer ;

I would like to know the different types of Shirk (Shirk kai Iqsaam) only from Quran and Hadeeth.

Can I have full references including the name of book, author, page numbers etc...

Yaa Ali Madad      or


 Date:     Wed 26 Nov  2003 04:26:57 


 Subject: Re: Shirk kai Iqsaam


Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem 
Salaamunalaikum Mr. Nameless Sahab,
Allah Says:-"Innash shirka lazulmun azeemun" It is a fact that there is no oppression

( Zulm) bigger than Shirk. 
 Meaning of Zulm:- Placing an object on the wrong place 
[1]. :-"Innash shirka la zulmun azeemun" Without doubt Shirk is the biggest Zulm.

In "Kaafi" Imam Md.Baquer(AS) says that Zulm is of three kinds. One is such that Allah

will forgive, another Zulm is that which Allah will never ever forgive and the third one is

that which Allah will never hide. Thus, the Zulm which Allah will never ever forgive is Shirk.
And the Zulm which Allah will forgive is that which he/she has done on their own self. 
And the Zulm which Allah will not hide is about Haq-ul-Ibaad (One person's rights over other

 human beings). 
[2]. Innal laaha la yaghferu aiiyn yushraka behi wa yaghferu ma doona zaleka lemaiin 

yashaao wa maiin yushrik billahe faqadiftara isman azeeman :-
Without doubt Allah will not forgive whoever does Shirk with him besides such person 

he will forgive anybody he wants to ,and those who did Shirk with Allah, has committed 

a big Sin. 
It Is mentioned in "Al-Faqeeh" that Imam-e-Jaffer(AS) was questioned about this 

Allah's sayings that Allah can forgive anything except Shirk, does these includes 

gunaah-e-kabeera ( Bigger Sins) too?? Imam(AS) replied, Without doubt they are included,

its unto Allah to forgive or not to forgive anybody . 
In the same book a tradition(Hadees) by Ameerul Momeneen(AS) is also mentioned,

 extract from it:- 

" I have heard from my beloved Janaab Md.Mustafa(AS)saying that if a momin passes away in 

a state that his sins are equal to all the sins committed by everyone living on this earth put 

together, even then his death will relieve him from his sins. Then he said that whoever says 

"La ilaha illal laah" sincerely from heart he is free of Shirk. And one who passes away from this

world such that  he hasn't included any Shaii (thing) along with Allah, will go to heaven. Then,

Rasool(SW) recited this Ayat: 

Innal laaha la yaghferu aiiyn yushraka behi wa yaghferu ma doona zaleka lemaiin yashaao 

min shiatoka  wa muhibboka Ya Ali(AS):-

[That is what Allah said about forgiving anyone except who does shirk , Aye Ali(AS), they will 

be from your Shias and Muhibbs (who love you) ] 
Moula(AS) asked, Ya Rasool Allah(SW) will they be from my Shia only? 
Rasool(SW) replied,I swear by Allah that they will be only from your Shias. 
In Tafseer-e-Ayashi, Imam Md.Baquer(AS) says about this Ayat: Innal laaha la yaghferu aiiyn 

yushraka  behi means that Allah will never ever forgive a person who denies Ali(AS)'s Wilayat.

Wa yaghferu ma doona zaleka lemaiin yashaao means that Allah will forgive those who are friends

 of Ali(AS). 
It was asked to Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq(AS) what's the minimum degree of Shirk?
Replied,inclusion of any thing in religion from your own and to make friends or enemies based 

on that. 
In the book "Al-Touheed" Hzt.Ameerul Momeneen(AS) relates that this Ayat is my favourite 

from Quran-e-Majeed:- 
[3]. Faman Kaana yarjoo leqaa a rabbehi falyamal amalan saalehan wa la yushrik be ibadatey 

rabbehi ahad. 
Thus whoever hopes to go unto Allah's attendance should do good deeds (naek Amal) and 

should not include anyone else while worshipping Allah.  
In Tafseer-e-Qumi, this "inclusion"'( Shirk) refers to hypocrisy. Imam Md.Baquer(AS)relates

 that when Rasool(SW) was asked to explain this Ayat he told:- A person who reads Namaaz 

to show off to others is also a Mushrik. And Allah will not accept any Amal (deed) done by 

hypocrites (Ria-kaar). 
It is there in Tafseer-e-Ayashi that tafseer of this Ayat was asked to Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq(AS). 

Imam(AS) replied , whoever observes Namaz, Roza, Haj or frees a Ghulam (Servant) to gain 

appreciation and praise from others then such a person has done Shirk in his Amal and became

 Mushrik, but this Shirk can be pardoned. 
In Tafseer-e-Ayashi Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq(AS) says that "Amal-e-Saaleh",(good deeds)refers 

to Maarefath (divine knowledge) of Aimma(AS) and " La yushrik beibadathe rabbehi ahad" means

obedience of Hzt.Ali(AS) and no other unworthy person should be joined in his Khilafath. 
Same Imam(AS) says in Tafseer-e-Qumi that " La yushrik beibadathe rabbehi ahad" means that 

In Wilayat-e-Aale Mohammed(AS) no other person's Wilayat should be included and 

Wilayat-e-Aale Mohammed(AS) is Amal-e-Saaleh. And those who did Shirk in Allah's worship has

done Shirk in our Wilayat and denied him and also denied Hzt.Ameerul Momeneen(AS)'s rights 

and His Wilayat. 
[4] Wala yushriko fi hukumehi ahad: 
    He does not include anyone else in his decisions. 
[5] Wa laqad oo hiya ilaika wa ilal lazeena min qableka : 
    Though onto me and those who came before me, this 'Wahi' 
    was certainly sent. 
    La in ashrakta layahbatana amaloka wa latakunanna minal khasereen: 
    If you do shirk than all your "Amal" (deeds) will be erased and you  will surely be included

 among losers. 
Tafseer-e-Qumi : Its in it that apparently this is addresses to Rasool-e-Khuda(SW) but is

 meant for his Ummat. 
When this Ayat's meaning was asked to Imam Md.Baquer(AS) he said: 
The meaning of this Ayat is that, Aye,Rasool(SW) if you give orders for anyone else's Wilayat 

along with  Ali(AS)'s Wilayat after you than the result of this will be " La in  ashrakta layahbatana 

amaloka wa latakunanna minal khasereen". 
In Kaafi its related to Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq(AS) "La in ashrakta" means if you include/joined 

anyone else in  Ali(AS)'s Wilayat than result of this will be "Layahbatanna..". Then Imam(AS) 

said 'Balillaha fa a budu wa kun minash shakereen 'Meaning do Allah's worship (ibadath) along with

his obedience (ita at) and thank him for having appointed your brother and Son of your uncle as 

your  aide (quwwat-e-baazu). 
Hadees-e-Khudsi related to Shirk: O son of Adam, the Zulm which you did, you have done shirk 

in my 'fael' (actions). 
[aye adam ke bachhe tu jo zulm kiya to shirkat kiya mere fail mein] 
Don't you see? I give life and you kill. Do not do this else you will be included among those who 

are willing to wage war against me. 
Syed Waheeduddin Hyder Jaffery Akhbari 

  Date:      Fri 26 Sep 2003    01:40:27
  From:   " syedarshad Hasan”  <>
  Subject :general query

 I gone through your website where I found number of references cited on various Ulema-e-Ikram
 from Iran and given a refernce of a book entitled "Shaheed-e-Javed". May I know the source in
 India from where I can get this book and all those books which have been quoted in your website
 under one of its  option. If you can make available me all these books,I'll be ready to pay. Since
 before abusing anybody, I would myself like to go through such texts. In my opinion it seems to
 be a propaganda of yours otherwise.

 Syed Arshad Hasan Abidi

Date:      Fri 26 Sep 2003   02:03:11
 From:   " syedarshad Hasan”  <>
 Subject :general query

 As you claim that the Taqleed of a Mujtahid is forbidden in Shiism, I would like to know from you 

 that what do you mean by Taqleed. As a scientist, I can well understand the real meaning of 

 Taqleed. Taqleed means consultation with a person who no doubt is having better knowledge 

 of true Islam and moreover in present time we can not go through all religious books to get answer 

 to our religious queries and therefore consultation with a Mujtahid who no doubt has better 

 understanding of Islam in not forbidden but it is good.

 How a person like me who even do not know the names of all the religious books and also which

 book should be consulted for a particular act and is in need of settling a question of religious 

 significance then how he will settle his queries and in the absence of a Mujtahid his question(s) 

 will be unanswered and there is a possibility of him falling in the wrong hands.

 I am sure that now you'll say that in that case we should contact you to resolve our religious 

 problems/issues. Will not it be a consultation,and if the consultation (literal meaning of taqleed) is

 Haraam then why you advice the people indulging yourself in a forbidden (haraam) act and refrain 

 the people not to consult with some other mujtahid.

 I just simply ask you to please not misguide the people by dividing them in Akhbari & Usooli and 

 just sit with all learned Ulema-e-Ikram of Shias and resolve your dispute and do not bring them in 

 open, as it defame our great religion the Shiaism and deface it and persons like you are 

 responsible for a divison in our community. So please do not misguide and resolve your issues 

 with other learned mujtahids of other sects.

 Ulema like you are a black spot on the face of our true religion who promote a divide and do not 

 reconcile their differences and bring their differences in public and abusing one another is not a 

 solution and you people thing that by misguiding the innocent people, you also will gain

 popularity. Your motto is not different from others and in my opinion the motive of every Mujtahid 

 and leaders of every sects is to gain popularity, usurp the property and construct the huge 

 bungalows  and have a strong bank balance. 

 I request you all not to indulge in this game ofdefaming one another and try to reconcile your 

 differences in the greater interest of our religion the Shia Ishna Ashri "No Akhbari, no usooli"

 only Shia Ishna Ashri.

 Syed Arshad Hasan Abidi

 Date:      Mon 13 Oct 2003     06:18:21

Subject :Re:general query
To:       " syedarshad Hasan” <>

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

Mr. Arshad Hasan Sahab,

All Praise unto Rabb-e-Azali o Abadi o Sahab-e-Azali o Abadi.
Durood on Md(SW)o Aale Md.(SW).

With prayers for your "Nek Toufiqath" i assure you that Inshallah answers to your mail dated 23rd September2003 will be given with proofs from Quran & Ahadees but on a condition that you will first have to reveal which sect (Maslak) you belong to and answer few of my below given questions. You can answer them yourself or can find out from your mujtahids and answer so that it should be clear who is misguided.
1.Which Sect is "Naaji" and what are its characteristics/Indications (Alamatein).

2.Define Ijtehad.

3. Give the name of first Mujtahid and till he was appointed as a mujtahid whose Taqleed did he   do?

4.Give one Tradition by any Masoom(AS) in support of Quran, Hadees, Aql & Ijma.

5."Matal Mufti Matal Fatwa"...what is the reason behind not following/practicing on Mufti's fatwa after his (i.e..mufti's) death?

6. In the book "Sulaim Bin Qais Hilali(RA)" it is written that Moula(AS)'s said- Shias will be divided into 13 Sects all will claim to love us but only one among them is Naaji (who will go to heaven). Which Sect is that?

7. In support of Mujtahid, give one Hadees or Ayat telling about Mujtahid with the word "Mujtahid" used in it.

Please do not get emotional, this is religious matter, calm down yourself and answer.


Al-Abd-e-Aasi Talebe Deedar-e-Rabbul Aalameen
Syed Waheed Uddin Hyder Jaffery Akhbari


 Date:      Thu, 28 Aug 2003   07:34:00
 From:   " sameer sam” <>
 Subject :incorrect information of akbaries

The Information and differences which you have define on you web site
is completely incorrect.You and your father are only greedy about money and honour that why you people have made our religion into pieces.
Can you tell me where were you all akbaries 6-7 years people have done this because all the kums were stopped to you and now body was caring your father that personal feeling you people have destroyed name of shia religion.Be afraid of god and panjatan.Our relegion was very in peace you and your father have taken a big advantage of this respected firkha (akbari).Nobody
can just become an akbari.Akbaris born by birth not by telling that I
am akabari.So there is a request by me to you dont make pieces of our


 Date:     Sat, 23 Aug 2003 08:29:55
 Subject: Re: incorrect information of akbaries
 To:        "sameer sam” <>

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

Moula(AS)'s saying:- Truth is bitter

After Hamd-o-Salwaat, All praise be unto Khuda-e-Barhaq and Md(SW)O Aale-Md(SW) .

Mr. Sameer Sam,

After reading your mail it appears that you have lost your Aql (intellect)  to your emotions. Or else you lack knowledge as Knowledge (ILM) is available at Moula(AS)'s doorstep only. And ILM is that only which comes out of Ahlebait(AS)"s Dar (Door). Zan, Rai, Qayas are made available from the house of Mujtahadeens, because of which mujtahids say: "Matal Mufti Matal fatwa". When mufti dies his fatwa also gets buried along with him in his grave. Because they were issuing it in accordance with their Rai (Own Opinion). Masoomeen(AS)'s sayings will remain till Qayamat. Read these few lines repeatedly and carefully so that your wrong mind/thinking  can get corrected.

Here are your answers:-

1.The Information and differences which you have define on you web site  is  completely   incorrect

Ans:- On what basis are you telling this, Explain. Our website is in accordance with Quran and Ahadees. Your calling it incorrect proves that you deny Hadees-e-Saqlain.

2.You and your father are only greedy about money and  honour

Ans: When a person doesn't have a proper answer he comes down to personal attack and through calumniating and bitching unsuccessfully attempts to save himself. If we were greedy about money, then, like your self proclaimed naiib-e-imams we also would have sold our religion by saying Alian Waliullah is not an integral part (not a juz) and Khooni Matam is bidath, If we had done this then i am sure money would have been lying under our feet.

As for Honour, i am  presenting here one Saying of Masoom(AS) for all honourable people with status , read carefully. Moula(AS)'s Saying:- whoever claims to love us should be ready to face three things, Illat(Sickness), Qillat(Not enough money) & Zillat( being looked down by others, humiliation). These are Momin's real status and honour.

3.Can you tell me where were you all akbaries 6-7 years before

Ans:- Answer to this lies within your mail itself. Like you said Akhbari is a respected firqa and Akhbaris are born by birth, then why are you asking me this?? This is a solid proof of your obvious frustration. Alhamdolillah, Many thanks to Allah, that he made you write in your own words that Akhbaris are respected people.

With Prayers for Naek Toufeeqh,


Saele Babul Yaqeen

Syed Waheed Uddin Hyder Jaffery Akhbari


 Date:      Mon, 18 Aug 2003 13:04:35
 From:   " Mustafa sayyed” <>
 Subject: relief from debt

 assalaam valekum,we r facing money problem .my dad is employed in railway, iam working as a mktg executive(home loan) sister is married ,younger brother is working in mumbai in a callcentre. we had borrowed money from money lenders.we used torgularly paid int on time.taking money on int is big crime in islam. but situation demanded us & in this way we fall into this by this matter is worsening, please suggest. we perform our daily salat,koran, my mom she goes to each & every dargah. she abstain from eating meat for forty days.there is no barkat in money. 

 Date:     Sat, 23 Aug 2003 08:29:55
 Subject: Re: relief from debt
 To:        Mustafa sayyed” <>

Bismillah Hirrahman nir raheem

Walaikum Salaam,

Bahaq-e Panjetan Paak and Chaharda Masoomeen (AS), May God end all your problems quickly .It is there in the Hadees that there is no ''Shifa'' Nor Barkat from haraam, so get rid of yourself from your interest based debt as soon as you can. Masoom(AS)'s saying :- between Isha & Maghrib if somebody recites Sura-e-Waqaya and if he says that he Is poor then he is lying. It would be better if you all start reading this Sura on daily basis. For getting money read this daily 1001 times:-

Bismillah hir rahman nir raheem -Allaho lateefun be ibaadehi yarzaqho mayn(pronounced..maii with n sound at the end)yashaao beghaire hisab. Before and after this dua say salwaat min.14times.


Ahqar-ul-abd al aasi  
Syed Waheed uddin Hyder Jaffery  Akhbari-ul-maslak

Inshallah, this link Will be updated on regular basis.....keep visiting

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