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Sarkar Riyaz-ul-Millat  Maj 1992
Sarkar Riyaz-ul-Millat  Maj 1993
 majlis 18 Ramzan-1991
 majlis 9th Moharram-1995
 Majlis 30-4-1994
 Majlis 01-05-1994
 majlis 11 Safar-1992
 Majlis 19Safar-1991@ALI LODGE
 Majlis 19Safar-1993@ALI LODGE
 Majlis-E-Arbaeen-1991@AIJAZ MANZIL
 Majlis-E-Arbaeen-1992@AIJAZ MANZIL
     download  Majlis-e-Etejaj Part1-1994 Realplayer File

 Majlis-e-etejaj Part1-1994@Ibadath Khana
 Majlis-e-etejaj Part2-1994@Ibadath Khana

 Majlis 26.8.1995@Ibadath Khana
 Majlis 4th Moharram 1995@Ibadath Khana
 Majlis 5th Moharram 1995@Ibadath Khana
 Majlis 6th Moharram 1995@Ibadath Khana
 Majlis 7th Moharram 1995@Ibadath Khana
 Majlis 8th Moharram 1995@Ibadath Khana
 Majlis 9th Moharram 1995@Ibadath Khana

 Majlis 8th Rabbi ul awwal 1992@Khousain
 Majlis 8th Rabbi ul awwal 1993@Khousain
 Majlis 15 Safar 1994
 Majlis 28 Rajab 1995
 Majlise 4safar 1996@Rauzatul Qayam
 Majlise-Arbayeen-1992@Matam Kadae Hussaini
 Majlise-Arbayeen-1993@Matam Kadae Hussaini
 Majlise-Arbayeen-1995@Matam Kadae Hussaini
 Akhbari Juloose-Arbayeen-1995
 Majlise-1stRabbiulawwal@Ibadath Khana
      JESHAN 12 RAJAB 2008
 JESHAN 1st RAJAB 2008

Saele Babul Yaqeen  Majlis Part 1
Saele Babul Yaqeen  Majlis Part 2
 Watch Majlis 8 Moharram-2008
 Watch Majlis 20 Moharram-2008
 Watch Majlis 19 Safar-2008
 Watch Majlis 1 Moharram-2004
 Watch Majlis 2 Moharram-2004
 Watch Majlis 3 Moharram-2004
 Watch Majlis 4 Moharram-2004
 Watch Majlis 5 Moharram-2004
 Watch Majlis 6 Moharram-2004
 Watch Majlis 7 Moharram-2004
 Watch Majlis 8 Moharram-2004
 Watch Majlis 9 Moharram-2004

 Watch Majlis 20th Moharram-2007
 Watch Majlis 7th Moharram-2007
 Watch Majlis 1st Safar Panjetani-2007
 Watch Masaeb-Majlis 1st Safar-bait-us-sharaf-2007
 Watch Majlis&Juloos 2nd Safar-2007
 Watch Majlis 4th Safar-2006

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